Shae (strike_out) wrote in smcc_kids,

Guitar Package

Hey Everyone. I live in Biddeford. I thought I might post something for an upcoming guitar player.
I've been at SMCC for 3 years now, but will be moving to Boston in 3 months to study music. I've lived in Maine for 21 years, in the same house, and the same town. It's time for a change.

Here is the deal:

1 Austin Electric Guitar
1 Medium sized amp
2 cables
1 gig bag
1 multi-purpose effects pedal (possibly)

All for $250 or BO.

The guitar was origonally $240. Amp was $80. Cables were $20. Gig Bag $30. Effects pedal $75.
$250 is a great deal. If you know anyone who is starting out, this is a great package. All items are in good condition.

You can contact me at 282-6590, ask for Shannon, or leave a message.
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