Helen (hellybean) wrote in smcc_kids,


Hey everyone! This community doesn't have much activity these days, and everyone knows how much book BuyBack sucks at school. Basically, I've got books for sale and if anyone wants to buy them for cheaper than the bookstore, let me know.

- Introduction to College Algebra (MAT 050) $60 I paid $100 for the book, which comes with the CD, answer book, and a bunch of other stuff that I didn't use. At the bookstore you HAVE to buy it new because of the CD.

- Introduction to Psychology (PSY 100) $40 This book is used, but in really good shape. Some notes are highlighted in it, but not many.

- Portable MBA, Engineering is Human, Getting to Yes (BUS 105 - Intro to Business & Technology) $50 I'll sell you all 3 books for $50, I don't remember how much I paid for each one individually. All were purchased new, and all are in like-new shape.

- The Riverside Reader (ENG 111 - English Composition) $20 Again, don't remember how much I paid for this book, but this one is also new. The cover is a little bent, but all in all the book is in really good shape.

Willing to trade also, if anyone has books for Macroeconomics, Intro to Lit or Financial Accounting.

If anyone's interested, email me at queenb3904@yahoo.com.

Thanks guys!
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